Corpus Christi Novena the Royal Doorway For Eucharistic Revival

As someone who works at Novena, and having to find interesting lunch and dinner options, I’ve put together this handy food guide. The Church is known for its Novena sessions, with many believing in the intercession of Mary. It is the only Church in Singapore that provides multiple Novena sessions – held in her honour. This was followed by recitation of the holy rosary in 5 different languages. Jesus, Holy Banquet, be our food for the journey, that we may join the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the angels and saints in your kingdom. Square, formerly known as Novena Square, is a sports and lifestyle mall with a new building extension.

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  • It overpowered the chicken, and didn’t come together as a unit.
  • This chicken rice deserves its place as one of the best in Singapore.
  • Hidden in the most obscure area in Novena, within a maze of private clinics, this humble cafe serves up hearty Melbourne-style brunch items as well as top-notch coffee.
  • Pig’s fly is a marketplace of 6 specialty stalls of Western, Japanese, Thai, British (Fish & Chips), Italian and Indian in a casual and non-conditioned coffee shop setting.

It’s a plate of no-frills chicken rice that the Royal Doorway is tasty in its own right. But we’re looking for the best chicken rice, and this popular chicken rice stall in Bishan isn’t one of them. While some might argue that chilli crab should take its spot, I find it absurd to even consider the orange-coloured crab dish as a nominee. A national dish should be unanimously enjoyed by everyone, found everywhere, and most importantly be affordable. Chicken rice ticks all the boxes and I don’t think those who are allergic to seafood can say the same for chilli crab.

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In terms of taste, the rice was bursting with a powerful chicken essence that was nice on the first bite, but got too hearty for me towards the end of my meal. ’s chicken rice stretches back to 1953 when they first started at Raymond Market, now known as Whampoa Market. They claim to be the best chicken rice in Singapore, even going to the extent of labelling themselves as “Loy Kee Best Chicken Rice” on their stall front. Ah Tai’s rice also features the same plump and fluffy grains as Tian Tian.

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This chicken rice deserves its place as one of the best in Singapore. Judging chicken rice shouldn’t be on its individual components, but the entire experience. This quaint chicken rice stall that’s located in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre is a prime example of that. There were many people involved in the operation, and I got my plate of chicken rice surprisingly quickly. The restaurant is decorated in quite a basic manner and comes decked out in stiff plastic chairs.

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One thing we immediately noticed is how the rice grains were noticeably smaller and shorter in size. This gave the rice a less fluffy texture and also resulted in a much drier consistency. $5.60++ for a plate here, which is one of the most expensive ones on the list.

Ming Kee Chicken Rice

Portions were decent, and it also came with a tasty thick chicken soup. On the other hand, the steamed chicken exceeded all expectations and briefly made me forget about the mediocre rice. It was served in generous portions, and came with a nice coating of gelatinous skin as well. I was won over by its doneness, which had an insanely tender texture. Every component mixes well together and neither try to outshine each other. It’s a good plate of chicken rice, but does not stand out enough to be the best in Singapore.

Best Chicken Rice In Singapore

Serving up real-deal Italian food Da Luca Italian Restaurant is one spot that never fails to leave an impression. Owned by chef-owner Luca Pucciani along with his wife, this cosy Italian restaurant in Goldhill Plaza dishes out an arsenal of stellar antipasti, pasta and hearty mains. Bread 4 Today provides access to daily prayers for reflection and meditation whenever you can spare a moment during the day.

Famed for their xiao long bao and famous customisable popiah, the restaurant has bagged numerous awards over the years and sees a constant flood of loyal patrons daily. A popular coffee stop for office workers or even students in the search for a quiet place to study, Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is your answer to delicious coffee and all-day-breakfast items. Inspired by flavours from abroad, most if not all their nosh are designed with the intention to complement their freshly roasted and brewed coffee. While their signboard reads ‘Chye Kee Roasted Chicken Rice”, I’d strongly recommend you order their dry macaroni.

Boon Tong Kee whips up an irresistible serving of steamed chicken. However, their other two components of rice and chilli are not at the same standard. Just like how there’s no ying without yang, the chicken rice here falls short of achieving perfect equilibrium. Anyone who’s truly a fan of chicken rice would definitely have tried Wee Nam Kee at least once or several times. Having moved to United Square, the interior does feature a brand-new look but where taste and quality are concerned, the standard of their food remains pretty much unchanged.