Senior Project Manager: Role Description & Career Tips

Always seek out opportunities to develop your project management skills and knowledge. Whatever role you’re currently in — marketer, designer, developer, whatever — you’ve likely been honing your project management skills all along. Being a project how to become a project manager manager is about more than just degrees and qualifications. While there are lots of certifications you can take if you want to, having a degree is not required. There are many other steps to becoming a project manager that you can take.

As such, project managers must effectively communicate with employees and teammates. Effective managers can clearly articulate a project’s goals and each team member’s role in accomplishing those goals. Project management is among the most valuable skill sets in the current job landscape. The scopes of the projects vary quite a bit depending upon the size of the company you work for.

What Degree Do You Need to Be a Project Manager?

Project managers are management-level professionals appointed to run a particular project within a company. As a result, project managers could be doing work that differs significantly from year to year. Project managers could specialize in certain areas , certain fields , or accept a wide variety of jobs. Success as a project manager relies on good leadership skills, the ability to delegate responsibilities, and an eagerness to face new challenges.

  • You will also need 35 hours of education in project management.
  • Do I have to specialize in one area or can I manage different kinds of projects?
  • A project manager will also need to be highly organised and have a natural flair for communication with a highly focused attention to detail.
  • You also need either CAPM certification or 35 hours of professional development courses in project management.

Foundation training will help you understand the basics of cost and time control, critical path mapping, estimating techniques and more. Once you have these under your belt, you can begin learning specific aspects of project management such as scrum planning methodology, risk management, and stakeholder management. Project managers must be able to create and maintain successful business teams, projects, and long-term business goals. By clearly communicating business policies and procedures, project managers can motivate employees to work toward a common goal. Project managers must be organized and able to make important business decisions that could affect many aspects of an organization. Critical-thinking and analysis skills are essential to project managing success.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

They need to be able to analyze a situation, figure out what needs to be done, and prioritize tasks. Your job and your career are important, but it’s not everything. Here are five things your career should not be in your life—and what your career absolutely can be. SMS Opt In By selecting this button you agree to receive updates and alerts from Herzing University. By opting in, I authorize Herzing University to deliver SMS messages and I understand that I am not required to opt in as a condition of enrollment. By leaving this box unchecked you will not be opted in for SMS messages.

What qualifications do I need to be a project manager?

Typical requirements generally include at least three years of experience in a related role, the ability to communicate, formal training, and a PMP certification. Certification can be acquired through a professional association, a university or college, or through a specially focused online learning program.

For instance, you may have previous professional experience in another industry that an employer may accept as work experience. Furthermore, you cannot earn Project Management Professional Certification without a four-year degree – more about that in a moment. If you’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree and want to become a PM, start by assessing your current skill set.

Let Crush the PM Exam Help You Get into Project Management

A university degree will give you profound theoretical knowledge and will probably help you advance in your career faster once you start working. It will, though, take a substantial amount of time and resources, so you need to calculate your individual opportunity costs here. If you’d like to learn more, check out our top project manager roles and responsibilities article in the blog. Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is the author of the Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook, the HBR article The Project Economy Has Arrived, and five other books. His research and global impact on modern management have been recognized by Thinkers50.

  • Project managers need great people skills and often need to be adaptable team players who can also lead to get the best out of everyone in a project team .
  • While there are lots of certifications you can take if you want to, having a degree is not required.
  • However, we strongly encourage you to do a brainstorming session, create a list, and get a rough idea.
  • Therefore, it’s essential to understand risk management principles.
  • Do a quick search on LinkedIn and thousands of roles will pop into your feed.

Project managers need to be able to manage their time effectively in order to stay on track. They needto schedule meetings, plan work days and tasks, and keep track of deadlines. Dickson, who has had her fair share of project manager interviews, emphasizes the importance of concrete examples as well. When interviewing candidates, she’s interested in seeing what they do outside of work. She said she also pays attention to the types of questions the interviewees ask her about the role. Whether you’ve technically held a “project manager” title or not, most likely, you have worked on some sort of project.

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